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Girls, bikes and money for the nsmba -
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What started out as a couple of gals looking for more like-minded gals has turned into a 60 and counting group of bunnies stoked on riding and progressing their skills while encouraging and helping each other out - the Muddbunnies.

The brains behind Muddbunnies are Michelle Santos and Ryan Peterson.  Collectively they are out on the trails and jump parks encouraging each other, making new friends and pushing each other to take it to the next level. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition between Bunnies. Some of them are gearing up for racing, some are new to the sport and others are just hucking it large in general. They welcome all abilities and adventure out on XC, downhill, park, and eventually are hoping to branch out to MX and road.

Sarah Fenton, another bunny (and Miss January) has this take on it. “I grew up in Deep Cove and got my first mountain bike when I was 16. It was Nishiki Bushwacker - fully rigid, heavy, sporting some nice trimmed-down handle bars capped out with some Deweys and rocking the toe clips.”

“I rode bikes on and off for 10 years then I moved away to England in '97 and returned nine years later to find the whole freeride movement in full swing and it thrilled me. I started hanging out with my old North Shore crowd, and was really envious of what they were doing, but I had so much to learn and didn’t want to slow the boys down waiting for me all the time. That’s where the Muddbunnies came to the rescue!”

Now the Muddbunnies have put together a supersexy rock n roll calendar in which some of the Bunnies are portrayed on their bikes and then an in-the-buff studio shot. 

Ms. January, Sarah

Ryan and Michelle have this to say about Muddbunnies:  

1. Why did you form muddbunnies?
We found a real lack of women's riding groups in BC when we first started out ourselves so we figured why not start our own club. Every time we saw women on the trails or at a riding clinic we'd promote the group. Women would join the website and we'd all end up riding together and then it was all through word of mouth that the group grew to the size it is. We're now up to over 60 members in just over a year of being a group.

2. How has your riding progressed due to having formed the club?
The Bunnies post rides at least a few times per week. Our riding level is beginner to advanced and we all excel at different riding styles: freeriding, downhill, bmx, dirtjumping, x-country, etc. Having this diversity within the group allows for each rider to choose how quickly they want their riding to progress. I myself, entered my first DH race (the Brodie Rat Race) and though I got my ass severly kicked, I had a great time. The truth is I wouldn't have even considered racing if I hadn't been bombing down the trails all year with the women in the group. Next year we'll be promoting "Team Muddbunnies".

3. Did you feel that there was a lack of women's riding clubs that catered to your needs at the time?
Absolutely! I think their should be much more diversity out there in regards to women's clubs. I encourage women to get out there and start a club. As the sport grows and more women start riding, it's inevetible that eventually us girls will have more to choose from with riding clubs, clothing, gear, bikes, etc.

Ms. November, Danielle

4.  Are there any membership fees?
At the moment no, because we're not an official club. However, next  year our goal is to become recognized by Cycling BC and form our own racing team for the 2007 season. Membership fees are to be determined but will cover the cost of insurance and include a club shirt. Also, we hope to begin partially sponsoring club members for the 2007 racing season.

5. Tell us about Muddbunnies and what it means to you.
We wanted to create a club that targets all female riders from those just starting out to those who've been riding for years. Our goal is to get more women on their bikes and enjoying the sport of mountain biking. Bottom line: one and off our bikes, we're an incredible group of women.

6. How do you buy the calender?
Check out the online store to pick up all the copies you need.

7. What happens to the proceeds?
$1 from every calendar is donated to NSMBA and ALL remaining proceeds go back into the club. Again, our goal for 2007 is to form an official, cycling-bc-recognized riding club and racing team.

Lastly, special thanks to everyone who helped with this project: Danielle Baker Photography, Jett Grrl Studio, Ron Sombilon, Hayato Tanaka, Seann Greenwood, Jim Hodgins, Initial Print & Copy and of course or friends, family and fellow bunnies.


The front cover of the '07 Muddbunnies Calendar...

... and the back cover, showing all of the Bunnies.