FERNADALE, Wash...Rest and recovery season is over for the Kona Clump, the cycling industry's most progressive team of out-of-bounds riders. The Clump has packed their quiver of Kona out-of-bounds bikes, body armour and full-face helmets, and for the next six months will be traveling the globe competing and filming in man-made and natural elements and locations not usually associated with mountain biking. The Kona Clump is composed of John Cowan, Robbie "Air" Bourdon and Joe Schwarz.

Robbie Bourdon Going for Broke at Redbull 2002 photo Cam McRae

In JANUARY, the Clump's technical bike handling specialist, John Cowan will be in San Diego filming "Higher Education" with his wife Stephanie. It's a how-to dirt jump video featuring John and Bryson Martin, Jr. on a Kona Stuff JR. The release date is set for March 1, 2003. Also in JANUARY, Robbie will head over to Australia and join Grant Allen to compete in the Red Bull Ride. This year's course will feature unique man-made stunts, big drops, steep technical sections, ramps and dirt jumps. After the competition, the duo will hit the road with Derek Westerlund and the rest of the Freeride Entertainment film crew to start filming New World Disorder IV at Grant Allen's insane cycling compound in Adelaide, Australia. The compound is built with...

In FEBRUARY, Robbie, Joe and John will compete at the Red Bull Freezeride in Big Mountain, Montana. The Freezeride is the first ever mountain bike competition to bring together the elements of free riding and technical park riding...on snow. The course will include wall hits, gaps, kickers, and table-tops, with a few more "urban" obstacles thrown in.

In March the boys will get the star treatment on a warm weather trip to Mexico or Cuba, the final itinerary is not set. The key word here is 'warm'.

In MAY, the team will help Kona with the launch of their 2004 bike line with the Kona Product Group at the Gravity Park in Totdnau, Germany near the Black Forest. More details to follow. The Clump is still finalizing their summer schedule, but have tentative events set at the Mt. Ste Anne and Grouse Mountain World Cup Freeride and Dirt Jump competitions as well as the Kona Festival at Whistler, tentatively scheduled for July 26 & 27.

The team is also in the midst of finalizing plans for guest appearances at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park freeride clinics in the summer of 2003

John went from a day job as a UPS driver in San Diego to Superman status in 2000, with a featured segment in New World Disorder. He won the Big Air contest at the NORBA National in Snow Summit, California and nabbed his first magazine cover with the October 2000 issue of Bike magazine. John is famous for building his own jumps and stunts including the world-renowned Hell Track I in San Diego and Hell Track II in Kamloops, BC. John also led the Factory Team Clump throughout Southern California and Texas on the Kona Ford Focus Big Air tour during the summer of 2000.

Robbie is just 20 years old from Nelson, British Columbia. His segment in New World Disorder revealed a super smooth rider that will go as bigin the air as anyone. Robbie's main events are in the Red Bull Freeride Extreme series, finishing as high as 3rd in Utah 2001, but gaining exposure for his daring, creative descents.

Joe is Robbie's riding partner from Nelson, BC,- taking out-of-bounds riding to another level with his segments in the New World Disorder series.

Michael Geraci
Base Camp Communications