Cypress Trails in Jeopardy
Important Meeting Your attendance is essential.
June 20th, 6:00 to 8:30 pm West Van Seniors' Centre, 695 - 21st Street (click for google maps link)

This is it folks.  Call everyone you know who rides Cypress or who might want to someday.  The only way we are going to get listened to is if we have a serious, standing-room only sort of presence at this meeting.  Imagine losing Sexboy?  How about Family Guy and Firehose?  And that is just a start - we could lose virtually every trail on the mountain.  If we don't have a real show of force at this meeting it's a foregone conclusion.  Drag your friends kicking and screaming.  You won't need to make a speech or talk to the media - just be there as a rider in support of continued access to Cypress.

Do you like real trails or crushed gravel sidewalks?  The choice is yours and apathy is not an option.  Get on the phone, on email, on Facebook - talk to riders on the trail.  Get EVERYONE who rides Cypress at this meeting. 

Below you'll find a release from the nsmbA.

Cam McRae

Sexboy is the only trail on Cypress with some wooden structures - and it could all be gone soon.

Recreational Trails on Cypress are Changing

West Vancouver is planning development at the base of Cypress that impacts existing trails including Sex Boy and Family Guy. This is being done before a long term plan for recreational trails on Cypress is defined. No mitigation has been planned to handle displaced traffic.

The Rodgers Creek Working Group is working on a development plan that is a vast improvement over previous projects such as Whitby Estates. They deserve recognition for the effort and detail paid to environmental issues and the sustainability of the area. Northwest of the first switchback there will eventually be a Village Centre including a plaza, retail shops and a pub.

Here you see one of the early phases.  This would mean Family Guy gone, Sexboy closed, Firehose closed etc.  A huge blow and only the beginning.

These are good features, but the impacts on existing recreational trails have yet to be dealt with. Unless a strong voice raises this concern, the trails as we know them on Cypress will be lost.

• Help the District understand the need for a long term plan for recreational trails
• Help them understand the types of trails people want
• Ensure alternate trails are in place before any more trails are decommissioned
• Avoid further damage from unauthorized trail construction

Is that Sexboy?  For now it is.  Soon it could be a crushed gravel path with no heart.  Rider ~ Mike Wallace

Let the district know how much the trails on Cypress mean to our community.

Wednesday June 20th, 2007
6:00 to 8:30 pm
West Van Seniors' Centre, 695 - 21st Street - click here for google maps link.

Are you coming?  Phone your buddies? Rally the troops and put in your two bits here.