Councillor Ernie Crist's motion blocked
Mayor Janice Harris has shut the door.
Please attend District Council meeting - 7:00 Feb 21st. or 28th
355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver

The word from District Council is that Councillor Crist has been shut down.  Mayor Janice Harris deserves our gratitude for standing up to Councillor Crist in order to allow the Alpine Recreational Strategic Study to move forward.  This does not mean that we mountain bikers can rest on our laurels.  We must continue to show council that we can be a productive and active group on the North Shore and that we are willing to continue to work toward sustainable recreation on District lands.  If you have something to say about the riding on Mount Fromme come to a meeting of Council on a Monday night. The next meeting is on Feb. 21st and if you wish to speak please be there by 6:30 to sign up.

Here is a release explaining what happened to Councillor Crist's motion. 

North Vancouver District Councillor Ernie Crist will not be taking forward his motion to place an indefinite moratorium on mountain biking on Fromme. 
After consulting with Chief Administrator James Ridge, Mayor Janice Harris determined on Monday, February 14th, that the Notice of Motion could not be brought before Council.  An analysis of Councillor Crist’s motion seems to have concluded that its timing and forum were inappropriate.  The Alpine Recreational Strategic Study, already well underway, is considered the proper venue to build consensus for land use strategies to present to Council.
Voters who’ve been vigilant, informed and willing to engage in dialogue with District staff and Council will continue to play a key role in shaping our community.

Below is the motion Councillor Crist had planned to table:

Notice of Motion - Mountain Biking:
Whereas Mountain Biking is a specialised  and growing sport which is also drawing a growing international clientele requiring a special environment, and
Whereas Mountain Biking on Fromme Mountain in the District has caused  considerable environmental damage which has cost the District taxpayers a great deal of money to rectify without being able to recoup this loss from the Mountain Biking Community, and
Whereas, for mostly environmental reasons, many countries, states  and provinces  have prohibited and/or have severely restricted Mountain Biking in forested, mountain and other sensitive areas, and
Whereas the District ordered a strategic study  including findings as to whether to accommodate this sport on District land is desirable and or should be a GVRD, provincial or private responsibility or a combination of one or more of such elements, and
Whereas the "District Strategic Study" failed to address this crucial issues to the extent necessary, and
Whereas, as a result, this issue continues to affect District taxpayers, especially those most directly affected,  and
Whereas the District recently passed a resolution that this item be returned to Council without putting a time limit on it's return for a Council decision, and
Whereas, an attempted amendment to this effect by Councillor Crist was not accepted by the Mayor, and
Whereas, as a result, such a report could take an inordinately long time while the problems remain  unresolved,
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the District put a moratorium on all Mountain Biking on Fromme Mountain in the District until such time when a full report, including a full and appropriate response from the provincial government and the GVRD, has been obtained which would clarify their willingness or otherwise to accommodate this sport on their lands thus making it their main responsibility. 
Please continue to send letters to council and to the media to let them know the value of our trail resource. Also - if you deal with a bike shop on the North Shore please call them up and ask that the owners, management and staff attend Council meetings - particularly those pertaining to the ARSS - and perhaps to address council.  This is a small victory in the larger battle.

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