Dakine Builders Pack and Sequence
Trail builders and photographers get some respect
Cam McRae

Some companies just nail it.  Dakine has one of the coolest rosters in the sport.  They employ The Claw, Simmons, Vanderham, Matt Hunter, Watson, Shandro, Gully, Boyko, Kinrade, Romaniuk, Schley  and Jamie Goldman (their token American).  This year they've added Katrina Strand - a team nsmb alumnus - to inject some estrogen.  Without good products their team wouldn't mean squat but they usually nail that too. An example of what they do for riders is their Apex pack and they knocked it out of the bike park.  It's a product that will appeal to many riders and with luck it'll make them some money.  What takes Dakine to the 7th tier of cool is making products that fill a niche demand - and that will in the end probably cost them some cash.  The latest one just crossed my desk and it shows that these guys love the ride.

Without any gear strapped on the Builder's Pack is mild mannered.

Dave Bisset is director of product development at Dakine.  He's also been building trails in Oregon for seven years - freeride trails mind you - and lines like Family Man, Toilet Bowl and 8-Track in Post Canyon bear Dave's signature. I asked Dave what was behind the Builder's pack and he told me this story. 

Keep your spikes, nails and screws all sorted...

"The inspiration for the pack came from 2 places about the same time this spring. The idea for the 'fastener case' came after I saw one of our proto
type sewers building a custom deep sea fishing lure case for our owner Rob Kaplan. (He lives in Maui and is pretty into fishing). About the same time
our sales rep in the Northwest asked me to modify his Apex pack so it could hold his chain saw and he could ride some of the trails on mt hood and clear blow down at the same time. The system we came up with to hold his saw worked so well that I decided we should incorporate that into a dedicated builders pack and include the fastener case. As soon as we started talking about the idea of a builders specific pack people were stoked and were getting in line to test the first protos."

and then wrap everything up to stow it away.

It doesn't get much more core than that.   Our team is well- populated with trail builders so we'll be sure to order a few up when they are available.  This is also a great way for riders to give their local builders a well-deserved hug.  Get a few buddies together and coin up for one of these for your local shovel jockey.  It's impossible to be too nice to trail builders.

Loaded it's all business.

Builders Pack Specs.
V 1800 cu in/ 29L
S 21 x 11x 8” (53x29x20cm)
M Cordura® Ballistic Nylon

Expandable chain saw pocket
Quick access lopper sleeve
Roll up nail bag
First Aid Case
Fuel bottle pocket
Water bottle pocket
Multiple Storage pockets
Macleod/shovel carry sleeves
MSRP in the US will be $140.

Another pack you'll probably be seeing more of is the Dakine Sequence.  This product began under the radar but you can now find it on the Dakine Web site.  The pack features storage for one SLR body and then as many as four other lenses.  Built primarily with snow sports in mind, the Sequence will carry a board or a pair of skis - and it has a unique way of opening to reveal your glass collection as well.  Instead of having to place the part of the bag that goes against your back in the snow or dirt, the pack opens from the opposite side so you can keep it clean and dry. Just toss it on the earth, unzip and grab your gear.

The Dakine Sequence pack.  For the budding glass whore.

The Sequence also has a 'deployable' water bottle carry, organizer pockets for memory or film and accessories, a fleece lined waist belt for your compact digi and velcro dividers so you can adjust the padding for the quiver you are carrying that day.  I've ridden with a fair amount of gear in my sequence and it handles the load in bomber fashion.  I know some pros who use this bag but the serious lensmen are gear whores with multiple bodies and flashes, transmitters and enough glass to adorn the Popemobile.  For that crew this would make a great second bag but for the aspiring shooter or keen enthusiast it's perfect.  For those who require a little more volume Dakine also makes the 'Reload' and Sterling Lorence has a larger Dakine-badged pack that was likely custom made for him, so that may one day hit production.

Open it up from the strap side and all your gear is at hand.

When I fly I use the Sequence as my carry on so I know my gear is safe.  My laptop - a 12" Powerbook - fits nicely into the back pocket and I can find space for all my adapters and chargers inside. On my last trip to Europe my luggage got lost at Heathrow - as usual.  I survived with my Sequence pack for the first three days and everything was okay.

Thanks Dakine.

The sequence retails for $130 in the US and $160 here in Canada.

Cam McRae

Know a builder who deserves a Builders pack?  Do you deserve a sequence?  Share your desires here.