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Is Kaia the World’s Fastest Trail Dog?

She's Cute and She Can Shred

Kaia starts out behind the bike but quickly gets in front and never looks back…

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Weekend Warmup

Check For A Pulse

What’s better than a wet dream? Trick question. Weekend Warmup…

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Santa Cruz in a Streamliner

Just Don't Call It A Bus

Santa Cruz rolled up in a 1949 GM 4101 Union Pacific Streamliner to show their boys around…

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Theo Ngubane

An Inspiring Story

Theo is the first black South African to represent his country at the downhill World Championships, and his passion is contagious…

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A Trailbuilder’s Story

A Great Short Documentary

Tom Pro talks about growing up in Whistler, the beginnings of the bike park, and much more…

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2014 Cove Hustler 650BJ

150mm of 650B Shenanigans

Loud and lewd, but certainly not crude, Cove’s new Hustler sports a new linkage and tweener wheels…

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underEXPOSED Premiere Airs Today

Thursday, January 9th at 7pm

We’ve had a hard time chasing Mason down this past year – now we get to catch up with his antics on the telly…

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Island Air

Vancouver Island Steez

Bas Van Steenbergen is all style in this edit from Rupert Walker…

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MTB Reaction GIFs Vol. 3

Funny Cause It's True

Leave a comment for our bonus caption round for a chance to win a fresh nsmb tee!

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Light Trails

Leave It To The Swiss

Night riding with LEDs all over everything produces amazing results…

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SRAM to License X-SYNC Technology

Chromag and Accel Group on Board

SRAM’s single ring technology, introduced with the XX1 group, will now be available through other makers…

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Transition: Rapture

Unorthodox Training Techniques

The guys at Transition Bikes take their not-taking-things-too-seriously very seriously…

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My Garmin Made Me Do It

Seeking Elevation Gains

“Monday morning. Every time I get up from my desk, my legs wobble like Bambi on ice…”

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Savage Films – 2013 Reel

A Mix of Riding and Climbing

Alex Savage created some great little pieces in his first year shooting mountain bikes…

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A Detailed Look at SRAM’s X0 Hubs

Lighter Than Air and Louder Than...

On-trail impressions and a detailed look at the insides of SRAM’s new X0 hubs…

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Cold Rolled: Chapter 4 + Finale

The Snowbike Saga Conclusion

Check out the machinery that makes the snow bike route happen and some gratuitous fat bike riding…

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Lights, Camera…

Making World Cup Magic Happen

What goes into a live broadcast at a World Cup Downhill race? 25 kilometres of cable and…

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NSMB Staff Picks: Jonathan Harris

Picks from the Man on the Tallboy

I found exactly the bike I was looking for – and also generated my New Year’s resolution for 2014…

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Weekend Warmup

Hucking Everything in 2014

From semi trucks to every car you can think of to sleds to bikes and rock skis, Weekend Warmup has your huck covered…

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NSMB Staff Picks: Garrett Thibault

The Practical Choices

“Three products you rarely would have seen me without when I did finally make it out to the trails…”

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Chris DeKerf – Mini Doc

Vancouver Hand-Built Master

Chris DeKerf has built in the range of 5000-6000 bike frames. 25 years and he’s still at it.

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MTB BASE Jump Goes Wrong

A Fairly Stupid Idea Indeed

MTB BASE jump off the Death Road in Bolivia – this doesn’t turn out well…

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Happy New Year from NSMB!

Sending it in 2014

Happy New Year from the crew at! We hereby resolve to stop arguing about wheel size…

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NSMB Staff Picks: Morgan Taylor

Cheap, Expensive, and Intangible

Simple items often result in the biggest payback, but I also can’t help but be swayed by some of the new goodness…

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NSMB Staff Picks: Teresa Edgar

All About Technology

I realized this wasn’t going to an easy list to make… then I started to notice a theme…

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NSMB Staff Picks: Dave Tolnai

Truly Well-Used Gear

The quick and dirty list of my favourite items, which I’ll probably have to think about retiring this year…

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NSMB Staff Picks: Pete Roggeman

Roggey's Picks

“Give credit where it’s due, but my best of 2013 selections all contributed to my performance on the bike…”

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NSMB Staff Picks: Omar Bhimji

2013 Sweet Upgrades of the Year

“With so many “game changing” new products being touted these days, there’s nothing like…”

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NSMB Staff Picks: Cam McRae

High Tech Choices

Even mediocre bikes look like rainbow jersey-wearing unicorns to me right now…

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NSMB Staff Picks: Matt Lee

Keep It Simple

Three items under $120 that find their way on to pretty well every bike Matt rides…

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