Mark Matthews on underEXPOSED Thursday

NSMB Team on the Telly

Things get back to bikes this week as Mason and Tannis head over to Vancouver Island to ride with Mark Matthews…

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Getting Fat

Setting the Stage for an Oversized Rant

After spending a solid week in Fatcountry, I feel like I’ve done the due diligence on these machines, and I’m ready to expound…

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Miranda and Katrina’s Bodacious Journey

Escape to Moab

Miranda Miller and Katrina Strand headed south to Moab to get some winter sunshine in while the weather in BC was being uncooperative…

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Sea to Sky Chubey

Trail Bike Shred

Mitch Chubey can’t even film a trail bike edit without doing a backflip, but hey, sweet video…

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How To Make a Mountain Bike Film

Back to Basics

Explaining some of the fundamental ideas behind making engaging short films… with an engaging short film.

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The Mountain Maker

Linden Feniak's Trails

Riley Mcintosh heads over to the Sunshine Coast do some biking with Linden Feniak and talk trails…

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Race Face Charge Leg: Reviewed

Like a Knee Warmer with Abrasion Resistance

The Charge leg fills a particular niche for the rider who’s become complacent about wearing knee pads…

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Weekend Warmup

A Case of the Unexpected

I’ll take “Quirky Guesstimations” for a thousand please Alex…

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OneUp Introduces 40 Tooth 10-Speed Cog

Staying Ahead of the Game

Building on the success of their 42 tooth offering, OneUp is now producing another option for 10-speed drivetrains…

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2014 Trek Fuel EX 9 29: Reviewed

A Bike That Deserves Its Own Category

The Fuel EX’s prowess on steep and fast lines belies its short travel suspension and XC geometry…

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Join Us at the 2014 Vancouver Bike Show March 8 – 9

This Weekend at the Vancouver Convention Centre

New swag, Vanderham, Tippie, ping pong… if only there was an indoor dirt track.

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Weekend Warmup

Power Laces not Included

All your childhood dreams come true with this week’s collection of videos…

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Frostbike 2014 Carnage

Slow Motion Crashing in the Snow

The first sanctioned BC downhill race of 2014 went down this past weekend… on a ski hill. You know what that means…

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Good Cheap Gear: Shimano M530 Trail Pedals

A True Long Term Review

After two and a half years of use as my primary pedals Shimano M530s have just plain worn out…

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Living the PNW Dream

Moves to the Pacific Northwest, buys a Subaru, devotes life to mountain bikes. Jay Trautman’s living the dream.

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The Angry Mob

Morgan's Out To Ruffle Some Feathers

“Let the chest thumping hardmen of the mountain have their obsolete technology…”

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First Up, First Down

Of Course Steve Peat Drives a Volvo

Steve Peat in a car commercial that really doesn’t feel like a car commercial – it’s just a day out with Peaty in the Scottish hills…

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SRAM Introduces X01 DH 7-Speed and 10-Speed Drivetrains

Two New Gravity Drivetrain Options

With a very tidy 7-speed 10-24 X-Dome cassette and an adapted X01 derailleur – as well as some 10-speed trickle-down – SRAM is once again forging new territory…

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Specialized Defroster Trail Winter Shoe: Reviewed

An Insulated Shoe Not Just For Winter

Despite its name, the Defroster is a versatile off-season shoe that works well in inclement weather of all sorts.

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Jordan Manley’s #dailywalk

Seb Kemp Going Deep

In the first of a series dubbed Between The Eyes, Seb Kemp captures Jordan Manley at a moment of uncertainty and vulnerability – truly inspiring.

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Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.20.45 AM

The Warden

Ryan Berrecloth for Knolly Bikes

As it should be. Ryan Berrecloth treating the new 650B Knolly Warden right in a solid video shot by Virtu Media.

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Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.55.55 AM

14 Rules For Better Living


Kyle Strait and Tyler McCaul lay down their arbitrary list of rules for better living, and they’re not all wrong.

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Race Face Narrow Wide 30T Ring and Bash Guard: Reviewed

No Clutch, No Problem

What happens when you mount up Race Face’s Narrow Wide 30T ring without the use of a clutch derailleur?

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Magnus Manson with The Coastal Crew

U17 National Champ Under Their Wing

Fresh video from The Coastal Crew featuring 15-year-old ripper Magnus Manson…

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Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.14.22 PM

Weekend Warmup

It Really Ain't That Bad

We don’t exactly know what’s going on here, but we’re very intrigued…

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Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.50.44 PM

God Luck and Good Speed – Ep. 2

The Not-So-Sober Lifestyle

T-Mac’s web series is shaping up to be a lot like mountain bike movies of the early 2000s…

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Sombrio Vapor Jacket: Reviewed

Versatile Cold Weather Jacket

A bit more room in the fit to comfortably accommodate a mid-layer, but rarely has to be worn with more than a base layer…

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Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.31.10 AM

Airs and Alleys

Sony Action Cam Delivers Yet Again

Brett Rheeder with more jaw dropping lines than you thought could fit in a POV film…

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Stories From the Trail Head

Peak Bagging in South Tyrol

Three average joes in search of some of the most scenic mountain biking trails in the world…

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The Klunkus

A Show Beauty That Gets Ridden

A bike with so many hand crafted and carefully curated details just begs to be pored over…

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