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Cold Rolled: Ch. 1

Snow Biking in Michigan

Snow biking presented in a way that makes it look like a lot of fun…

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Matt Hunter: Loose in Chile

Matty Shreds Single Crown Again

Hunter’s adventures are always a good time on two wheels – here’s his take on Chile…

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North Shore Trail Tees

Shirts, Socks and Stickers in Store

New North Shore tees! We’re happy to announce two new designs, a ladies cut, and stickers and socks in store…

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Weekend Warmup

Watch Out For That Cow!

Some pretty rad stuff hit the webs on wheels this week…

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Forest… Skiing?

How Did They Even Do That?

We already saw the naked segment from Valhalla, but this, well it hits even closer to home…

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Beyond the Bike: Micayla Gatto


Micayla really opens up about more than just racing, making this worth the watch…

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Season Finale…?

Four Day Alpine Adventure

Making the most of a sunny weekend with a steep and technical alpine bike adventure before snow takes over for winter…

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Ladies Who Launch

Sending it in the UK

Aimee Dix puts the Orange Alpine 160 Diva through its paces…

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After the Crash… Damage Control

Dealing With the Consequences

You never want to crash on an exposed ridgeline like this, but the result isn’t what you might expect…

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Bontrager SE4 Team Issue Tires

Burly Yet Fast Tires in 26 and 29

“A tubeless ready tire that isn’t especially light, but does stand up to a good thrashing…”

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Brandon Semenuk at Retallack

Trail Riding and Huge Jumps

Semenuk is joined by Kenny Smith and Robbie Bourdon at Retallack for a great finale to the Life Behind Bars season…

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26 Ain’t Dead

Absolute Hardtail Shredding

Regardless of your wheel size disposition, this one from Steel City Media and Cotic Bikes is a must watch…

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Your Fundamental Problem is Wrong

Starting Arguments with Arguments

Is what’s happening on our trails right now is part of a so-called “fundamental problem”?

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The Analog

Sam Pilgrim Gets Weird

Sam Pilgrim tries to step to Chris Akrigg’s street level with an odd bike choice…

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Seeking Altitude

Coast BC Backcountry Biking

“Why not take all the things I love about ski-touring and do the same on my mountain bike…”

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10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have Done

How Many Can You Check Off?

Take your bike and follow this list to adventure and rich life experience…

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A Rider’s Dream

Dreaming in the Dolomites

An odd, yet fun little video from the German-speaking north-east corner of Italy…

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Weekend Warmup

Wanna Go for a Rip?

Another week of worthy action, worthy short docs, and hilarity here on Weekend Warmup…

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Geoff Gulevich All Over The Shore

Gully Rides All His Bikes for Segments

Geoff Gulevich pays homage to the old school while making sure he keeps up with the kids…

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42 Tooth Cog for 10 Speed from OneUp

A New 11-Speed Alternative

A relatively inexpensive way to achieve 11-speed gear range and single ring simplicity…

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Riding Lapierre’s 2014 Spicy with E:I

Electric Shocks Now

Cam takes some saddle time aboard the 2014 Lapierre Spicy 527 with electric shocks…

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Harry Steele: Phantasm

Stylish Park Shred

Whistler Bike Park edits like this one will get you through the winter…

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10 of the Best Mountain Bike Gifts

How To Shop For A Mountain Biker

Shopping for a mountain biker can be tough, but getting it right could make this the best holiday season ever…

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Team Freehub: Matt Orlando

Going Fast and Large

The jumps look a lot bigger when Matt Orlando is crashing off them…

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Gee Milner 2013 Reel

Not Your Average Filmer

Gee Milner’s very photographic approach to making videos makes this a nice watch indeed…

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MTB Reaction GIFs Vol. 1

The Whistler Edition

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this collection of mountain bike reaction gifs should be worth millions…

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Segments: Squamish

Summer of Summit Part 3

Jordan Hodder pedals for a primo descent in Squamish, BC…

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Won’t Back Down

The Steve Peat Story

Peaty has been racing at the top of the DH world for the past 23 years, longer than the lifetime of many of his current competitors…

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Maple Syrup

A Trail Building Success

Maple Mountain is now one of Vancouver Island’s “must rides” in addition to Thirsty Beaver in Cumberland and the Hornby trail system…

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North Shore to Host BC Bike Race 2014

The Shore is Back in 2014

“After three years away the trail conditions are right to bring the event back to North Vancouver…”

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